Lauri Koivisto

Hi there and thanks for somehow ending up here.

I’m a freelance musician/composer from Helsinki, Finland.

Graduated from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory.

I try to be very versatile and compose music in varied styles.

I’m always trying to tell some sort of story through my works.

Using Symphobia 2, Cinebells, Komplete 9 Ultimate and Logic Pro 9 to name a few.

Story Of My Life was the name of my graduation concert for Pop & Jazz Conservatory. Songs and lyrics are from my pen.

Ainan Celeste Cawley

AT age 12, his first taps on the keys of a piano were the moving strains of Beethoven, played by ear. In under a year, science child prodigy Ainan Celeste Cawley, now 13, has composed many of his own tunes and even a score for a new Malaysian short film.

He is the son of Irishman Valentine Cawley and Singaporean-Malay Syahidah Osman, an ambidextrous portrait artist.

At a recent Press screening for the short film, Reflection, at ZLG Design in Sentul, KL, Valentine said: “We had the piano in our house for six years. One day, Ainan on his own accord, started playing a Beethoven tune that he had heard earlier.”

The 15-minute noir thriller marked the first public presentation of Ainan’s original music.

A series of videos showcasing Ainan performing his original musical compositions on the piano was also screened.

Reflection, directed by Ignas Versinkas, a Malaysian-based Lithuanian director and former Limkokwing University of Creative Technology student, was screened at the recent Vilnius International Film Festival in Lithuania.

In the short film, Valentine, 45, plays an Interpol agent in search of missing girls believed to be abducted by a maniacal killer.

Valentine, an actor, writer and scientist, said his gifted son was entirely a self-taught pianist and composer.

“Ainan’s been composing tunes on a daily basis since he started playing the piano and so far we’ve recorded over 100 tunes, some of which are complete works,” he said.

“This makes Ainan not only the world’s youngest film score composer for his work in Reflection, but also a child prodigy with a multitude of differing talents — an omnibus child prodigy.”

The quiet Ainan’s main interests at the moment are chemistry, mathematics, computer programming and music.

Valentine met the 26-year-old Versinkas while on the set of KRU’s upcoming epic feature film Vikingdom, where they play a couple of Vikings.

Versinkas was introduced to Ainan’s music through Valentine after his friend was unavailable to compose the score for Reflection.

“I felt that his tunes were suitable for films and with the right arrangements, would fit perfectly,” said Versinkas.

When not composing, the shy Ainan plays by ear the music from his favourite video games, as well as classical pieces by Beethoven, List and Bach.

“But he composes his own music about 80 per cent of the time he spends on the piano,” said Valentine who added that his son liked the piano for its flexibility and wide range.

“Ainan doesn’t really like pop or modern music, he thinks it’s simple, repetitive and doesn’t say anything,” he added.

Apparently some of the more recent original pieces that Ainan has composed are more complex.

His father explained that these works have to be played with four hands: “We’d probably have to use computer systems to make it happen.”

He hoped the public will be able to sample his son’s music through public performances.

“I’d like to see if we can arrange an orchestral performance or other public access to his works and maybe  publishing opportunities,” he said.

Besides music, Ainan is also interested in animation and has used Source Filmmaker and Vector Animation to create his own short stories and animated clips.

“His stories are funny tales with a punch line,” said Valentine, a graduate in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He is also chairman of the Research Committee of the National Association for Gifted Children, Malaysia.

Ainan is currently studying an American Degree Programme at Taylor’s University at the Lakeside Campus in Petaling Jaya.

Majoring in the sciences, his studies include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer Programming and Computer Animation.

He was able to recognise the alphabet at 8 months old, spoke constructed sentences at 12 months, and was reading chemistry textbooks by the time he was 6.

He is said to be the youngest person in Singapore to ever pass the O-Level for Chemistry at the age of  7. At 8, he became the youngest person to study third year tertiary Chemistry at Singapore Polytechnic.

When he was 10, his family migrated to Malaysia where he continued his studies. Valentine explained that the family chose Malaysia to be close to their relatives on both sides of the Causeway. Ainan’s maternal grandmother Sabariah Abdul Wahab was born in Parit Yani, Johor.

Ainan has been featured in documentaries such as Superhuman Genius (ITV1 UK), The World’s Cleverest Child and Me (Channel 4 UK) and Asia’s Wonder Kids (Channel News Asia, in Singapore).

Valentine described his parenting style as non-intrusive. “Ainan’s the least stressed child I know — he has a childhood that most children here don’t have. No stress or external pressures on him, no tuition classes. It’s up to him to discover for himself what he wants to do,” said Valentine, who keeps a blog on giftedness at
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Geoffrey Vernon

Geoffrey Vernon is the Co-Founder and Head Of Trailer Music / Licensing at Dark Winter Music. Geoffrey’s journey as a composer for media began in 2010, when he launched his first production music company specializing in Trailer Music, and Music for Game Advertisements. Geoffrey’s distinctive style of writing for media advertisement led him into into becoming one of today’s prolific composers in the music for motion picture world. Geoffrey’s composition style has been recognized worldwide by the trailer music industry, as he is one of the composers to lead the charge in bringing an exciting new sound to the genre. Aside from loving his job way to much, Geoffrey also enjoys medium rare steaks and taking long walks on the beach.

Renan Javier Cabrera

auch von Soundcloud (so wie noch andere 😉 ):
My name is Renan Javier Cabrera and I have loved composing ever since I was a little boy. I fell in love with film music after I watched “Les Miserables” (98′ version) and the score was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard. I then plunged into the world of film music and instantly became fans of Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Shigeru Umebayashi, Philip Glass, Marco Beltrami and many more. I compose by ear and I would say my style is to try and create grand and memorable themes by using a wide assortment of instruments. My favourite go-to instruments are brass, strings, and piano. My true passion is composing for film and creating works that pay homage to some of my favourite composers.

Jochem Weierink

Welcome!  My name is Jochem Weierink and I’m working as a composer for media in the Netherlands, my specialties in the music area are ranging from composing film music to music for advertisements and games.

Born in a musical family it was hard not to follow the same direction. After years of classical piano lessons my interests in composing grew and with the aid of modern technology I started to compose and produce my own music. Before I knew it I was spending all my spare time into this new passion, film music is where my passion and talents flourished most! Hence there was no other possibility after high school than studying “Composition for the Media” at the Utrecht School of the Arts!

In 2008 I got admitted and in 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Arts degree. During these four year of study I went three months to New York for an internship at Elias Arts, one of the major advertising music houses in the USA. This is where I learned the craft of composing music for advertisements. Even though this is an area I love working in, my biggest passion is music for film! A great deal of projects I’ve worked on are in this area of the working field. This dedication for film music was not kept undiscovered, early 2012 I’ve been asked to work as a composer for a hi-end trailer-music company called “Boomerang-Music” where I’ve started working for in september 2012. Until today “Boomerang-Music” gives me the opportunity to write trailer-music for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters!

For portfolio I would suggest to view the other sections of this website or view my demo reel beneath!

Petteri Sainio

My name is Petteri Sainio, I’m a composer of orchestral soundtracks and film scores for film,TV and video games. If you are interested in using any of my music for your production, please contact me and I will help you further, since my tracks are all available for licencing through a royalty free music library. But I also take requests for composing original music for any kind of production.

I was given the gift to write music from God and I want to give him praise for that and be thankful for it. He’s my inspiration and motivation to touch people with my music. Every success I have is brought to me by his grace.

Daniel Vulcano

Daniel Vulcano was born in 1980.

He studied music theory, new media and piano with Prof. Siegfried Eipper and Toshiko Yasuda – Brommer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart.

After he had written and performed some orchestral pieces Daniel Vulcano is working as a composer and arranger for film, video game and commercial productions today.

Hendric Bünck

Hendric Bünck is a young composer living in Berlin, Germany. Born in the mid 90’s, the half Canadian got into arts of several kinds, such as architecture, photography and, later price premiered, 3D works, at an early age. Furthermore he has spent a lot of time with intensive sport training.

In summer 2011, Bünck started composing with no proper musical education. He became highly interested in film scoring and classical music and began to record his first piano and orchestral pieces.

Quickly, the UNHCR (- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) took notice of his work and decided to use three of his pieces for an award winning video presentation. Bünck made his first steps towards the international film scoring scene. Thereafter, the UNHCR relied on his skills again and used his piano piece “The unique Summer rain” for a video concerning the Syrian civil war.
Due to his distinctive versatility, he was chosen to contribute his music to an architectural visualisation video of the design for a new german government airport. He also scored the Music for several short and student films. Besides, Bünck became interested in world music of all kinds as a result of his inexorable urge to discover the beauty of other cultures and their prodigious variety of music and sound.

If you need music for a project, feel free to contact Hendric Bünck’s official email address, you can find below.

Juan Iglesias

Composer of film scores and musical theatre.
In 2011 he provided the main theme to the feature film Between The Silence (dir. Luke Moss). His score to 2012 Shriekfest winner Blackout (dir. James Bushe) was well received and a full soundtrack album was released on iTunes. Read in-depth articles and reviews of Juan’s work here:…lesias/
The complete Blackout score available here:…ture/id545444864

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