August 22, 2014 peter


Celestia grew up playing the classical piano and has been doing so for the past 17 years. Later, she discovered a passion for the Guzheng, eventually playing it more than the piano. Interested in pursuing music more than just making it a hobby, Celestia received a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology at Singapore Polytechnic in year 2009, and eventually realized her strengths in songwriting, arranging and performance.

Due to her ability and habit to over analyze songs that she listens to, Celestia immerses herself deeply into various styles and flavours from her favourite composers. She utilizes these influences in her own pieces to birth new sounds with a celestial bliss! Her influences are mostly in Japanese music with her favourite artists being Hisashi Joe, Kaijiura Yuki, Kenji Kawai, Taro Iwashiro and Nobuo Uematsu.


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