August 22, 2014 peter

Man Parrish

A native New Yorker of Italian descent, Parrish was a member of the extended family that converged nightly at Studio 54. His nickname, Man, first appeared in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, and his early live shows at Bronx hip-hop clubs were spectacles of lights, glitter, and pyrotechnics, which drew as much from the Warhol mystique as the Cold Crush Brothers.[1]

His premier release was “Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop)” issued in 1982, which was featured in the film Shaun of the Dead, the video game GTA: Vice City, and was sampled in Sway & King Tech’s 1991 song “Follow 4 Now” from their second album “Concrete Jungle.” He eventually signed with Elektra Records but was dropped from the label in 1984 when it decided not to release the album he had recorded for it.

As of the 2010s, Parrish is on Pink Biscuit Records and was scheduled to release a record via Southern Fried Records, the label owned by Fatboy Slim.

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